Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar, a beautiful small town of Khumbu Region is a gateway to Mt Everest and other highest peak of the world. Located at 3500m altitude this small town is one of the tourist and trading hub among different high altitude trading hub in the world. For trekkers and mountaineers Namche Bazar is well-known for first stop or acclimatization spot. Since Namche Bazar is first acclimatization spot, trekkers enjoy and rest their day before continuing their expedition towards Gokyo Lake, Everest Base Camp, Mt Everest peak and other destinations.

Namche Bazar is most famous for its cheese and butter. All the dairy products that are found on Khumbu Region are supplied from Yak (Yak is a long haired domestic cattle that are found on Himalayan Region of Indian sub- continent). Local bakeries, restaurants and cafes of Namche Bazar has used local product with global standard which is definitely a surprise gift for every trekkers and mountaineers by this small town. Along with cheese and butter this small town is also famous for hotels, restaurants, gear stores, cyber café and Irish pub. There are some German Bakeries, lots of cafes, restaurants and pub. The Irish pub located at Namche Bazar is considered as world’s remotest Irish Pub. Among different food potato and yak steak is quite popular meal at Namche bazar.


Namche Bazar not only offers you with excellent catering services it also have great lodgings facilities. There are number of hotels and lodges found at Namche Bazar. All the staying facilities are so comfortable that you will be amazed like, is it really a remote mountain region? Nepal never compromise you on hospitality neither Khumbu region compromise on it. Internet services is also available at Namche Bazar. Every Saturday mornings, a market is held in the center of Namche Bazar. Himalayan handicrafts from Nepal and Tibet are sold on everyday basis.

While you make your stay at Namche bazar, you should definitely visit museums, stupas and monastery. There are three small museums at Namche Bazar that represents cultural values of Sherpa’s and bravery of all the Sherpa’s and mountaineers. Namche Monastery is one of the famous monastery of Khumbu region, make sure you visit that religious site.


Namche Bazar has several money changing facilities, which is even lower than Kathmandu. Namche Bazar is also known as last resort of money changing as you will not found  money changing facilities on the your way to top. Make sure you have enough Nepalese currency before heading to further destination from Namche Bazar.




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