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Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd takes both pride and pleasure in introducing. Our team of local tourism professionals consisting of dynamic, self-dedicated, qualified, friendly, supportive, loyal, and reliable experts specialized each of the tour, mountaineering, and trek expedition. Our Team fully trained & experienced in their respective areas of expertise, ability to provide support. Aarohi Holiday always believes in teamwork, our efficient and ever-aspiring management team is passionately committed to offering high-quality personal service, providing well-organized trip with the highest standards of safety,  professional and friendly approach, satisfaction, enjoyable and successful trek.

Aarohi Holiday will always look forward to guiding you to adventurous Himalaya’s treasures to make it absolutely a journey to remember as per your imagination.


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Achyut Puri

Founder/ Managing Director

Achyut Puri runs Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd., a trekking company he started in 2017. He focuses on making clients happy and gives them great trips for their money. His company has grown, guiding over 800 trekkers from around the world each year. Achyut believes in working hard and being happy, and he's excited to offer fun and challenging treks.

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Bipana Puri

Co-coordinator/ Marketing Manager

Bipina, a dedicated team leader at Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd., treats her family, team, and clients with utmost care. A silent management expert and a strong leader, Bipina shares her Himalayan knowledge with warmth, guiding like a friend. Ready to assist with travel plans, she believes in continuous learning and hard work, offering a warm welcome for a memorable journey..

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Pujan Puri

Digital Marketing Intern

Pujan Puri, a delightful and enthusiastic learner, has joined our team as a Digital Marketing intern. With a quick grasp of concepts and high energy, Pujan brings charm to our workplace.

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Lhakpa Sherpa

Climb Guide

Lhakpa Sherpa, an experienced and friendly peak climber with over 10 years of expertise, holds a climbing license from Nepal's Ministry of Tourism. He has successfully led climbs in renowned areas like Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang. Proficient in English, Lhakpa is known for his support and motivation for climbers. Climbing with him offers a unique opportunity to learn about Nepal and the Himalayas, gaining insights from a seasoned insider.

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Tour Guide

Ramashwor, a licensed tour guide with over 7 years of experience at Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd., is a young and enthusiastic professional. Clients appreciate his motivating style, caring demeanor, and honest communication. With extensive knowledge of Nepal's culture, history, and art, Ramashwor is a proud and responsible guide, ensuring holidays are both memorable and enjoyable.

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Suraj ban

Digital Marking / Computer Operation

“I believe the key to life is just being a happy person, And Happiness will bring you success.” Suraj, a cheerful enthusiast, believes that happiness is the key to success in life. As a vital part of Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd., he manages Digital Marketing and computer operations, ensuring the websites run smoothly. With a strong work ethic, Suraj's experience and honesty define his success. Ever-smiling, he helps colleagues with computer issues, warmly greets clients, and prioritizes continuous learning, highlighting the value of knowledge acquisition.

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Kaljang Sherpa

Trekking Guide

Kaljang Sherpa, a youthful and energetic trekking guide, boasts over nine years of experience and holds a trekking license (9634) from Nepal's Ministry of Tourism. Fluent in English, he is renowned for his humor and easygoing nature. Kaljang possesses extensive knowledge of trekking, covering culture, lifestyle, and geography. Trekking with him is both enjoyable and educational, offering insights into the Himalayas and Nepal.

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Lakpa Sona Shrepa

Trekking Guide

Lakpa Sona Sherpa, a vibrant trekking guide with over ten years of experience, holds a trekking license (7389) from Nepal's Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. His expertise spans Nepal's trekking regions, including Everest, Langtang, Manaslu, Upper Mustang, and Annapurna. Lakpa is renowned for his deep knowledge of local culture and lifestyle, efficient problem-solving skills during treks, and fluency in English. Trekking with him offers a rich learning experience about Nepal's diverse cultural and natural landscapes.

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Prashant K. Khanal

WordPress / Digital Marketing

Prashant K. Khanal, a cheerful and diligent intern, contributes to front-end web development and Digital Marketing. His sincerity and hardworking nature, coupled with boundless energy for learning, are evident in his work on website development, SEO, and Digital Marketing.

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Achut Malakar

Trekking Guide

Achut Malakar, a vibrant and seasoned trekking guide with over a decade of service, holds a trekking license from Nepal's tourism ministry and speaks English fluently. Leading treks in areas like Everest, Upper Mustang, and Annapurna, Achut is known for his friendliness and support, ensuring clients feel comfortable and motivated throughout their treks

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