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Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd takes both pride and pleasure in introducing. Our team of local tourism professionals consisting of dynamic, self-dedicated, qualified, friendly, supportive, loyal, and reliable experts specialized each of the tour, mountaineering, and trek expedition. Our Team fully trained & experienced in their respective areas of expertise, ability to provide support. Aarohi Holiday always believes in teamwork, our efficient and ever-aspiring management team is passionately committed to offering high-quality personal service, providing well-organized trip with the highest standards of safety,  professional and friendly approach, satisfaction, enjoyable and successful trek.

Aarohi Holiday will always look forward to guiding you to adventurous Himalaya’s treasures to make it absolutely a journey to remember as per your imagination.


Achyut Puri

Achyut is a flexible, dynamic, open-minded professional leader. He is currently the founder and managing direction of Aarohi Holiday Pvt.Ltd. Mr. Puri’s major philosophy while working in the field of Nepal Trekking is to make his clients happy. He always has a strong belief in making clients happy and giving back his/her worth of money invested in holiday plans. He established his own company Aarohi Holiday on June 04, 2017 to provide quality services and outstandingly memorable trip experiences to adventure travel seekers. And through this hard work Aarohi Holiday Pvt Ltd is now a very well established company guiding more than 800 people from all over the world per trekking season. Mr.Puri always believes that the key to successive life is good thought and a far-sighted plan with hard work. He does everything to make sure everyone he works with is happy as he always says ‘Happiness is the key, only happy people can make others Happy.’ He is always looking forward to heartily welcoming and greeting you with the rewarding and challenging journey.

Founder/ Managing Director

Bipana Puri

Bipina is a good team leader, for her there are three kinds of family, her family at home, her crew and her clients. She is a humble introvert with a broad knowledge of management and a strong professional with leadership quality. She is always fond of sharing her experience and expertise in Himalayas treasure with visitors. She wants to provide guidance not only in the Himalayas but also personal guidance as a friend/family. Always feel free to inquire and customize your travel plans with Mrs. Bipina. You will be surprised by her suggestions and amendments to your travelling. Mrs Bipina always believes life is a learning curve till the last breath but you can always be highly skilled at what you do by working day and night honestly for the brighter future ahead and like she says “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is a success”, she is looking forward to heartily welcoming you for a rewarding and challenging venture with Aarohi Holiday Pvt.Ltd with a lot of wonderful memories.

Co-coordinator/ Marketing Manager


Pujan Puri

Pujan Puri is a very charming and friendly guy who believes  learning is the best way to achieve the knowledge. He has been interested in Digital Marketing and has joined our team as in intern, we believe he is the fast learner and very energetic person .

Digital Marketing Intern


Achut Malakar

Achut Malakar is an energetic, young and dynamic trekking guide working in our company for quite long period with experiences more than ten years. He also has a trek licensed from the Ministry of tourism and civil aviation, Nepal. He is fluent in English. He has trekked in several trekking regions like Everest, Upper Mustang, Manaslu, Annapurna, Dolpa and Langtang Region. His friendly, caring and supportive nature always comforts and motivates the clients during the trek.

Trekking Guide


Ramashwor is a young and enthusiastic tour guide who loves travelling. He is an experienced and licensed tour leader, tourist guide for more than 7 years. Clients of Aarohi Holiday Pvt. Ltd enjoy his motivation skills, his care for them, and his frank and honest communication. He has a deep knowledge about culture, history, arts and architecture of Nepal. We proudly announce Ramashwor a responsible, frank and service oriented guide which will make your holiday memorable, enjoyment and everlasting.

Tour Guide


Lhakpa Sherpa

Lhakpa Sherpa is an experienced and friendly person who has been working as a peak climbing for more than 10 years. He also has a Climb licensed from the Ministry of tourism and civil aviation, Nepal. He has climb and guided different part of the world to the various high peak region of Nepal such as Everest, Annapurna and Langtang region. He is very supportive and motivating during the Climbing. He has a perfect English communication. Climbing with him is a great opportunity to learn about Nepal and the Himalayas from an insider's perspective.

Climb Guide

Suraj ban

“I believe the key to life is just being a happy person, And Happiness will bring you success.” Suraj is a happy, cheerful, and diligent enthusiast who is experienced and the backbone of all our Digital Marking and computer operations. It’s his job to keep Aarohi Holiday Pvt.Ltd websites update and in proper working order. Whenever any of our staff face any kind of computer-related problem, he is there to help them out with a smile always on his face! He believed in hard work and efficient at his work, has quite an experience in this field and honesty which made him what he is today for himself and especially for the company. He is heartily welcoming and greeting our valuable clients and give them the best service Suraj always believes one should never stop learning and go through a process of acquiring knowledge.

Digital Marking / Computer Operation


Prashant K. Khanal

Prashant K. Khanal is a  cheerful, and diligent enthusiast who is  working as an intern in front-end web development and Digital Marketing .He is a sincere and hardworking persona and who is very energetic learning new things. As an intern he has been working on web site development, SEO, Digital Marketing .

WordPress / Digital Marketing


Kaljang Sherpa

Kaljang Sherpa is a young and energetic trekking guide working in our company with an experience for more than nine years. He also has a trek licensed (9634) from the Ministry of tourism and civil aviation, Nepal. He is fluent in English. He is humorous, easygoing and resourceful and is an amazing person to do trek with. He has a profound knowledge about the different aspects of the trekking field such as culture, lifestyle, tradition geography etc. Trekking with him is always fun and is a great opportunity to learn about the Himalayas and Nepal.

Trekking Guide

Lakpa Sona Shrepa

Lakpa Sona Shrepa is an energetic, young and dynamic trekking guide working in our company with experiences more than ten years. He also has a trek licensed (7389) from the Ministry of tourism and civil aviation, Nepal. He is very knowledgeable and resourceful regarding the working field. He has guided clients from various countries in different trekking regions of Nepal like Everest region, Region, Manaslu region, Upper Mustang region Annapurna region etc. He can always handle the minor issues and problem which may happen in during the trek efficiently. He is fluent in English. You can learn about various things regarding the country culture and the lifestyle of people very well while trekking with him.

Trekking Guide

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