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Our Teams

Our office staffs and pioneers hail from the different locales and goals that you will visit. They are altogether authorized by the service of Tourism, talk familiar English, Korean, German, Chinese, French, Russian and hold a high Elevation Medical aid Declaration. All offer extraordinary energy for managing and have been decided for their local experience and exhaustive individual information. They express awesome satisfaction in acquainting you with most loved neighborhood spots, individuals and the in the background spots that could never generally be investigated. As they open up you will start to find out about their own particular ways of life and families, alongside individual impacts and convictions. They have incredible relational abilities and with their fine comical inclination will influence you to feel extremely great amid trips.

  Achyut Puri
 Managing Director


Managing Director

  Bipana Puri



Manaslu Circuit Trek – 21 Days New Sale!

Manaslu Circuit Trek – 21 Days

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Upper Mustang Trek – 17 Days New Sale!

Upper Mustang Trek – 17 Days

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Upper Dolpo Trek – 25 Days New Sale!

Upper Dolpo Trek – 25 Days

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