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Bhutan is supported in the profound folds of the Himalayas. Next to no has been known about Bhutan and to a great many people it is a concealed kingdom covered in puzzle. It is classed as a standout amongst the most extraordinary goals on the planet today. This kingdom, frequently alluded to as the last Shangri-la, a place that is known for exceptional individuals, astounding landscape, common marvels with pleased and energetic culture. An extraordinary and uncommon place that few individuals have the benefit of going to. 

Bhutan is limited by Tibetan locales of China in the north and sweltering fields of India in the south. This rocky kingdom is very much characterized by Last Shangri-La or Land of the Thunder Dragon. The signifcant highlights of Bhutan shift from climatic conditions going from the sub-tropical to the frosty spans of the right around 25,000 ft of the Tibetan fringe. 

Today when all parts of the world has seen a surge in visitor numbers, Bhutan has kept on following an approach of managed tourism keeping in mind the end goal to protect the nation's regular habitat, rich social legacy and the one of a kind lifestyle for its kin. Making Bhutan one of the minimum voyaged nations on the planet. 

Come investigate and disentangle the untouched marvels of Bhutan for yourself. Snow-topped mountains, emerald green scenes, interesting natural life and delicate individuals all anticipate you. Experience the accommodation of the Bhutan with Aarohi Holiday.


Druk Path – 9 Days New Sale!

Druk Path – 9 Days

Following the ancient high-level route between Paro and Thimpu, the “Bhutan Trek & Tour” which is also c...   

Cultural Heartland Tour – 10 Days New Sale!

Cultural Heartland Tour – 10 Days

The Kingdom of Bhutan, nestled high in the tranquil Himalayas is a haven to rich bio-diversity, vibrant religion, unique...   

Paro Tshechu – 8 Days New Sale!

Paro Tshechu – 8 Days

Paro Festival is one of the busiest festivals in Bhutan, dances are performed by trained monks and laymen wearing amazin...   

Punakha Tsechu – 9 Days New Sale!

Punakha Tsechu – 9 Days

The highlight of this tour is the Punakha festival consisting of typical masked dances which are very colourful and inte...   

Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu – 11 Days New Sale!

Trongsa Lhuntse Tshechu – 11 Days

The Tshechu is a festival honoring Guru Padmasambhava, “one who was born from a lotus flower.” This Indian s...   

Bumthang Tangbi – 11 Days New Sale!

Bumthang Tangbi – 11 Days

Join the Tangbi Mani Festival Tour at Bumthang, one of the grandest festivals in Bhutan. The Bumthang Festivals are reli...   

Bhutan Ura Yakchoe – 12 Days New Sale!

Bhutan Ura Yakchoe – 12 Days

Nestled in the Eastern Himalayas, Bhutan ranks among the top ten hot spots in the world for biodiversity, in the month o...   

Tamshingphala Choepa – 12 Days New Sale!

Tamshingphala Choepa – 12 Days

This tour gives you the opportunity to explore Bhutans most visited sightseeing historical sites in Paro, Thimphu and Bu...   

Mongar and Trashigang – 16 Days New Sale!

Mongar and Trashigang – 16 Days

Mongar (1,700m) is the headquarters of the district of the same name and is little more than a stopping place between Bu...   

Bhutan Biking – 8 Days New Sale!

Bhutan Biking – 8 Days

Bhutan, small nation in south Asia that boasts for its nickname ‘the last Shangri-la’, is as adventurous for...   

Laya Ghasa Trek – 18 Days New Sale!

Laya Ghasa Trek – 18 Days

This trek heads northwest from Paro, offering a great variety of trekking conditions, from picturesque farmland and sub-...   

Hidden Valley – 11 Days New Sale!

Hidden Valley – 11 Days

This tour provides visitors with the perfect insight while highlighting many traditional landmarks and culture customs o...   

Bhutan Vistas – 6 Days New Sale!

Bhutan Vistas – 6 Days

Visit the last Himalayan kingdom in this short tour and have a spectacular cultural experience and enjoy its largely int...   

Chomalhari Trek – 12 Days New Sale!

Chomalhari Trek – 12 Days

Also known as Jumolhari Trek, this intimate wilderness trek offers a great variety of trekking conditions, from remote f...   

 Bhutan Tour with day hikes - 6 Days                      New Sale!

Bhutan Tour with day hikes - 6 Days


 Chomolhari Trek - 12 Days                      New Sale!

Chomolhari Trek - 12 Days


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